More on Expressive Writing

“I am the biggest ever skeptic. But I thought what the heck. My lower back pain has been very bad and persistent whenever I stand or walk for more than a minute. I read the forward and immediately began using the ‘expressive writing.’ You take paper and pen/pencil and write, … Read More

Thought Suppression and Chronic Pain – White Bears and ANTS

  Trying not to think about something will cause you to think about it more. All of us know this phenomenon but we don’t know how to deal with it. The most deadly emotion we suppress is anxiety. It is a survival response and our whole being is repulsed by … Read More

You Are Not Your Thoughts

You Are Not Your Thoughts “You are not your thoughts.” Philosophers have been telling us this for centuries. In our modern era, this idea has often been overlooked. The problem is that thoughts are real as well as your body’s chemical response to them. Nice thoughts stimulate the secretion of … Read More