The Pain of Social Isolation

Many of my patients suffering from chronic pain are socially isolated.  When you are trapped in pain you have a difficult time reaching out. Others do not necessarily want to interact with angry people. The problem becomes greatly magnified in that it has been shown that social rejection shares the … Read More

Response to “Treat the Abyss” From the Roundtable

In response to some things said at the roundtable, I want say a few things about the emotional aspects of chronic pain treatment–namely, the additional stress caused by worker’s comp, the underlying anger of chronic pain, and the stigma of psychological diagnosis. Most people have a lot on their plate … Read More

Treat the “Abyss”

There is an ongoing debate amongst physicians whether anxiety and anger should be addressed in the treatment of chronic pain.  It is the “common wisdom” in medicine that the reason patients on worker’s comp do not do well with medical interventions, especially surgery, is that they have too many “secondary … Read More