Over the years I have witnessed hundreds of patients regain their lives by pulling themselves out of the downward spiral of chronic pain. I never cease to be inspired, especially by those patients who have pulled themselves out of hopelessness, after losing sight of any way out. Many want to share their experiences and pass along what was instrumental in their healing.

Share your story of hope.

Life Sentence

  After my fourth L3-L4 surgery the neurosurgeon sat me down and said “…you are not going to get better but rather worse as you grow older. You have a life sentence of pain.” I’ve... Read More

My Story of Hope

I had a rough start living in a chaotic household with an angry mother who suffered from chronic pain. I did not figure out for 50 years that the migraine headache I suffered at age... Read More

Out of the Valley, with Dolls

When I first met Sarah, she was close to 75 and had been experiencing debilitating pain for decades. But, since her spine x-rays revealed only normal degeneration consistent with her age, I set her to... Read More

Out of the Abyss After 25 Years

 I received this email from someone that I had never met. I’ve now gotten to know her and she is delightful. A physician had recommended my book and here is her story. A rough road... Read More