Eight-Level Spine Fusion? No!

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A seventy-three-year-old woman—let’s call her Dorothy for the sake of this story—was understandably apprehensive. She had just been told that she needed an eight-level spine fusion from her tenth thoracic vertebra to her pelvis, so she came to me for a second opinion. Dorothy was a retired National Guard armed … Read More

Trying Not to Be Judgmental

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Most people have heard of the psychological concept projection, a defense mechanism that allows us to transfer our unwanted feelings or behavior onto another person. For example, a person who is highly self-critical may constantly feel (or fear) criticism from others. When we judge people around us—either positively or negatively—we … Read More

The Chronic Pain Marriage-Go-Round

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I have long asked the spouses of my chronic pain patients to participate in the DOC project (“Direct your Own Care”—my step-by-step method that allows patients to take control of their treatment plan), along with their partners. One reason is that partners of chronic pain patients also experience suffering—they have … Read More

Not Sharing Your Pain – Omega

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I have held three five-day workshops in NY at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY with Dr. Fred Luskin, a Stanford psychologist and author of Forgive for Good, my wife, Babs Yohai, a professional tap dancer, and my daughter, Jasmine Yohai-Rifkin who is an expressive arts therapist. The tightly-structured seminar is based on … Read More

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