Prehab – Optimizing Surgical Outcomes

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Chronic pain is problem that infiltrates every aspect of your life. You have pursued endless treatments with promise of relief and you keep being disappointed. Eventually you may give up any hope of a cure. Most people are not anxious to undergo surgery but it seems like a definitive solution … Read More

How Not to Solve Chronic Pain

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The core pattern of human behavior to ensure survival has revolved around avoiding unpleasant body sensations, especially anxiety. The limited choices aren’t effective over time. We instinctively use two methods. Control Rigid structured thinking. Control takes the form of either escaping or controlling the situation creating distress and it works. … Read More

Wake the Fun up!!

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Watching a baby take in every aspect of his or her surroundings with curiosity and awe is wonderful, delightful and inspiring. The capacity to learn is almost infinite. Their laughter is contagious and when they are upset they show it. They are completely connected to what is right in front … Read More

Happily Ever After

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My wife and I were at a wedding this weekend. The bride was the daughter of some of our closest friends. She and her new husband are a wonderful couple. The excitement and energy around supporting them in their new venture together was electric. Their commitment to each other was … Read More

Mirror Neurons and Your Family

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It is becoming increasingly clear that chronic pain has a tremendous impact on your immediate family. One of the more direct ways is through mirror neurons. I frequently tell my patients that when you smile at a baby the reason the baby smiles back is not because the baby is … Read More

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